“Simplifying Complications In Life…”

Long ago, in a training programme, in which I was also a participant, the faculty told us a fictitious tale. I repeat the story here:

A father, while going alone with his son on a motorbike, met with an accident. The father died on the spot and the son was seriously injured. He was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. His wounds needed immediate operation, so he was moved to the operation theatre. But as soon as the doctor saw the patient, the doctor said, “oh my God, he is my son, I can’t operate on him.”

After finishing the story, the faculty asked a question to the participants. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

All the participants started scratching their heads. After about two minutes’ silence, the answers started pouring in. Someone said, “The son had a similar looking fellow,” who confused the doctor. One participant said he had a twin brother. Each one had a new idea. Many were of the opinion that the doctor was lying. Some of the answers are not worth repeating here.

After about ten minutes’ brainstorming session, the correct answer came. And the correct answer was “the doctor was the patient’s mother.” The answer was much simpler than the congregation thought. The purpose of telling the story however was not clear to anyone of us, as the message hidden was not clear.

After a pause the faculty asked us two questions:

1) Why can’t we look for simple solutions? And

2) Why we can’t expect a lady to be a doctor?

Now, the message was very clear. We often complicate matters and multiply problems, whereas most of the times, simple solutions are available.

The second question was self-explanatory. When a lady can be a prime minister, or a pilot, why can’t she be a doctor? Women are no longer effeminate. Today, they are actively working in every field. In fact in some cases they have proved, they can be better than their male counterparts.

To accept the fact, that a lady can handle a higher responsibility, we only have to accept her as a human being.

– Arun H. Raikar

Wishing You a Very Beautiful Moment Ahead!


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