The truth is, the universe is too big for only one person to comprehend and even with that, the knowledge of the whole world cannot explain the entirety of the universe and the forces that operate in it. Science itself makes use of ‘infinite’ when explaining certain things within the universe. Why am I saying these: so that we begin to understand the beauty of PERSPECTIVE! Having a differing opinion from me doesn’t totally make you wrong, and vice versa. Our judgement of things comes from the totality of our experiences and encounters drawn from our environment (family, friends, culture, school, e.t.c.) as we grow up. So don’t be afraid to have a different opinion from someone nor be disappointed when someone has a different opinion from you.

I was watching an indian movie a few days ago and they made a very remarkable reference with the numbers ‘9’ and ‘6’ in describing perspective. I learnt something.

When you’re looking at the number ‘9’, another person standing directly on the opposite side is seeing the number as ‘6’. Now who among them is wrong? Both are right from their own perspective or side of view.

Let’s be honest, we can’t all see the world in the same way at the same time. Assuming the world is as small tennis ball, hold it in the air and you’ll never see all the sides at the same time!

We need other views/knowledge to have a broader view of the world. We need opposing views either to test the validity of our knowledge or views or to complete it.

But the ‘9’ and ‘6’ case also have a hole that needs to filled. Whoever wrote the number and does not intend to be misunderstood wouldn’t intend to make the number ambiguous… He/she would surely have a reference for the number; that is where he intends to be the top and bottom of the number and whoever that stands against the reference would surely know that he/she is wrong and would kindly accept it.

In the same way, when dealing with life’s issues and the universe (and its operating forces) we must find out from the author of life and the universe where He/She marks as His/Her reference. Am sure the Author/Giver of life and the Maker of the universe is not a man that we can go and ask directly,so we can only pray and seek for His divine wisdom to guide us right (Matthew 7:7-8). Like I always say, I don’t like quoting the scriptures but I think it also helps. 🙂




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