“TRUE LOVE” (part one)

LOVE remains a complete mystery. Science has not been able to explain it. Mathematics cannot predict it. Poets still wrestle with adequate words to describe it. We are all looking for true love, an unconditional love, but does it really exists?

One of our frustrations with love is our complete inability to keep it. Like sand slipping between our fingers, the harder we grasp, the faster it seems to fall through.

We are also aware of the truth that love cannot be manufactured. It cannot be bought or traded. It cannot be forced. It cannot be controlled.

Below are few things to think about when it comes to True Love:

we use the word LOVE to describe a lot of things. We love food. We love music. We love a good joke and we love having a good time. Using love to describe such simple things makes the word seem a little safer. It is safe because we are not exposed. A great cup of coffee cannot reject us. A favorite song does cannot use and dump us…hence cannot make us feel worthless or useless. But when we chose to share our life with another person, we inevitably make a choice to become vulnerable. Unfortunately, vulnerability leaves our defenses down and often we get hurt.

Opening our heart to another person is a big risk, and to be rejected, is one of the most painful experiences in life. It hurts the most because in love, we are most vulnerable. It’s worse than physical pain because it shakes us at the core of our identity, our hopes, and our dreams. Love seems to lift us up to the sky with its wings and sometimes leaves us mid-way crashing to the ground helplessly… leaving us with injuries and pains. We from there feel hurt, disappointed, hopeless, worthless and sometimes begin to see life in the negatives.





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